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        This is a site with information on the problems and issues with WORONORA that has been highlighted by the FLOODING over last 2 years. It will cover the full story not only from the FLOODING from the June 2016 and April 2015 storms when the sewer covers burst resulting in sewer waste being sent into the street and also residents yards and homes.

    The issue of POLLUTION including H2S will be looked at.  H2S a story on its own. 

    The problems  have been with us for a while.  It is just the last two very heavy STORMS that has highlighted
the problems more with more people directly involved.

    In the middle of all these issues we had the council bring up SEA LEVEL RISING  PROJECT in the SHIRE to further complicate the overall issue.   
    I will bring the overall situation together plus a submission I put into the Sea Level Study.  ( this follow on next page. )
    I have read an article on Sea Level Rising which give a different approach to the situation and lessons from this will assist in understanding some of the local issues.  Strict guidelines are needed for building in this area.  It would be interesting to see if Council regulations has taken account of this.  Homes built on particular grounds must not insert pressure to the extent of pushing the ground lower and away from underneath.  This would result in homes sinking.  Homes need to be built to SOLID ROCK.  I know of recent homes in the area that had to have foundations to SOLID ROCK.
    Residents had Flooding in yards and homes for the second time in 14 months and they approached Council and Sydney Water. Councillors and Local State member together with local paper were contacted.  A petition was also taken up.
    Because of the problems a meeting of residents was established.
    From a meeting on 17th August 2016  a number of issues have come up which need to be addressed.  A record needs to be kept of all the problems so they can be fixed and not forgotten.  We must be careful we do not create future problems.

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