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Preactive In-Action 

SUBJECT:  Transport Sydney
This will look at the problems with Metro rail option being pushed ahead with and why it will show as a MAJOR FAILURE of this decade.

Light rail is not the solution for Sydney that is being told it is for a number of reasons.

I will also mention the issue of why METRO RAIL is NOT the SOLUTION for SYDNEY. 

    *  METRO RAIL was used in PARIS, LONDON  and NEW YORK for a number of reasons. 
            They installed small tunnels when they were built but Sydney had Mr Bradfield who knew what was needed and had the bigger size tunnel built.
            As a result we were able to use larger trains in the tunnel.  The reason why we were able to use Double Deck trains.
            The cities of LONDON, NEW YORK and PARIS had a metro system built which was right for them. The number of tracks and the distance between stops. Very compact area of the CBD.
            Now they could not use DOUBLE DECK TRAINS if they wanted on a number of these lines because of the cost factor
of converting the tunnels for use by Double deck trains.
            One line in PARIS HAS CHANGED to DOUBLE DECK TRAINS, for the reason that of capacity. The double deck trains had far higher capacity than the single deck train.  Quote of 1700 passengers over 1300 passengers.  The double deck trains were more comfortable too. There is talk also of automatic train operation.  Carriages having three doors for loading.
 That is 30% More.  Just look at what we were told about the North West Railway.
                NSW Government state single deck metro trains far more than Double Deck Trains.
                The figures for the North West were WRONG!

            The original plan for the North West Railway was for tunnels to take DOUBLE DECK TRAINS.
            But SOMEONE indicated that the line would not have the capacity to use such trains and that use of single deck trains would be needed at first.
            Who changed it to be ONLY SINGLE DECK TRAINS!
            Was this on direction of an overseas supplier who would benefit!
            Was it action to save a little bit of money NOW!  In the long term it will cost  a lot more!

            Metro trains are NOT for lines to the like of the North West of Sydney.  e.g. comfort etc

    The problem from the North of the Harbour to the CBD in the city is capacity.  That is why we need trains built for the higher capacity in the years to come.

    *    What a cost it will be to CHANGE it in years to come!  It will be Billions of Dollars!  

    *     We had the MAJOR ISSUE of different gauge's  4ft 8 inch   3ft 6inch    5ft 3inch   around Australia from the 18th hundreds.   

 TRANSPORT to OLYMPIC PARK  (  Workers  &  visits ) 

    In the LAST MONTH a lot of talk about how difficult it is for WORKERS to get to work and home again when they work at offices etc in the former Olympic Park area.

    We MUST  NOT THINK that a light rail will fix this problem. 

    It can be fixed very quickly NOW by changes to timetables for the WEST and South West.

    In the morning have a number of trains diverted to OLYMPIC PARK station ( operate it under Olympic conditions one side off , the other side on ) and then direct to the city.
    In the evening the reverse situation. 

    By careful planning passengers to and from the city would find no extra time added to their journey.  It could bring business to the Park by these passengers going home.  Drop off to visit a coffee shop etc. The structure is already there to provide the rail serviceit.  Why not use it.
     I noticed the timetable for MAJOR EVENT and the very quick times from Parramatta to Olympic Park.  Light rail could not do those times.
      Light rail is a feeder system but NOT a major transport carrier.
      The capacity figures for light rail and Metro rail is suspect.

                                     It all depends on having approx 66% STANDING.

    I read a report about capacity just recently and it said 40 seated 80 standing.

   It was Light rail but I could not work out if it was one car or unit.
 I will not say where this is at present untill I follow it up and confirm where it is in reference to.

    Australians have over recent times expected comfortable rail travel.  To travel standing the way it is done in many areas
of the World will not be acceptable. 

    The Plans for Light Rail for Moore Park and Randwick Racecourse have major issues.  ( updated 30th Dec 2015 )