UPDATE:  6th Sept 2016

       Well it is nearly 18 months since the line was CLOSED by the government.  The above comments were made at that time. 
        I did it as a PREACTIVE APPROACH.
       Well I have looked at FACEBOOK etc and statements above has happened.    It shows a PREACTIVE approach works.
            Transport SERVICE has DROPPED.
            Numbers travelling by PUBLIC TRANSPORT has DROPPED.
           Use of PRIVATE CARS INCREASED, parking is very HARD to find.

        Light RAIL plan not even been released.  It may NOT even happen.  Reported contract signed for Light Rail.   NO PLANS YET.  It will be a white elephant. 

    . UPDATE 26th June 2017





Work on Interchange in PROGRESS.  Most infrastructure been removed from Wickham to Newcastle.    What a WASTE!

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Preactive In-Action 

SUBJECT:  Transport Newcastle  NSW Australia     Update  June 26th 2017   

    Background to Preactive  Solution: 

When I saw that the line to Newcastle was going to close I had to go and see it before it STOPPED.

I took a trip to Newcastle on the last Saturday in December 2014 when trains STILL ran to Newcastle.
    Newcastle Station Number 1
Train service was very poor in both directions.

Going from Sydney to Newcastle a Slow freight train resulted in an arrival at Newcastle of approx 30 minutes late.

Coming home from Newcastle to Sydney was greeted with an unschedule change of trains at Gosford.  Change by overhead bridge to another platform.

    It was indicated by announcements of a fatality between Cowan and Hornsby.

    The second train actually finally proceeded to Sydney late.

Overall SERVICE was very POOR.

I did a videoof the day and have had a look back at it a number of times. 

What I found was a city that has character which we cannot loose.

    : Heavy use of motor cars.

    : Large number of Level crossings. 

    : From Broadmeadow to Newcastle the ground is not much above sea level.
        : While in Newcastle I saw a ship coming in and it showed very much the issue of sea level and the city. 

    : I looked at the Buildings and the streets around Newcastle. 
        I very much noticed the beautiful character of the buildings around Newcastle railway station.

           This we just cannot loose. 

    : What I noticed was the limited width of the beautiful streets.


Newcastle Street    Newcastle Street

   I could very easily see that light rail is NOT the SOLUTION for Transport to Newcastle.

  It will have worse problems than Sydney. ( e.g.  George street. )

Finally what time to travel from Newcastle to Sydney.

Having to use light rail at the start will add much to the time.

Changing forms of transport is a major issue.

  ( This will be needed. )

* Just to restore services will not help; we need to improve the transport system in the Newcastle Area.

* We need to cut down on the number of cars going into the CBD and the number of bus's also.

* We need to bring life back into the Newcastle CBD.
* This is done by making it easier for people to travel there.

*  We need to make it a central HUB to attract business.

*    LIGHT RAIL will REMOVE the beautiful character of Newcastle streets. 

Lets Look at Newcastle and its character


Today 26th June cycle ways to solve the issue?


*  Very beautiful buildings in the CBD area.



 NEWS:  VIDEO ( Youtube )
  Wickham to Newcastle

   Newcastle to Wickham.
   Hunter Service  HD

  ( Taken last Saturday of operation ) 


I am going to show my Vision that will give Newcastle What it needs NOW! and in the Future. 

            I will bring the PLAN to LIFE and SHOW what is NEEDED NOW.  I will examples from around Australia and the WORLD.   This will be NEWCASTLE FUTURE that it needs NOW!

    Plan for Newcastle Transport:

        First Restore Services

           * Restore
 Heavy Rail to Newcastle CBD ASAP.

              * Plan for elimination of level crossings.  All that affect road transport near Newcastle.


         * Start work on building the bridges to replace level crossings as quick as possible after planning is done.

         * Plan for Electrification of Railway line to Maitland.
             * It could be extended beyond. 

                * With this you can have Electric services only to Newcastle.


        * Restore HEAVY RAIL SERVICES to the CBD of NEWCASTLE.

         *  Plan for BUSINESS HUBS around Newcastle and CIVIC Railway stations

Plan for the future with Electric services only to Newcastle.

          * Plan for Access from CBD to Foreshore for people on foot etc.
  e.g.  To look at how you can give access from the CBD to the foreshore in a safe way.  That may be very innovative for Newcastle.  This may be flat paths that cover not only the railway lines but also roads.  That you could go from the CBD or a new business above or near the railway to beside the water without stopping for road transport or trains.  It would be the jewel of Newcastle CBD.

To be done by building of bridges over the rail lines.

( Because of the height above sea level being so small, the cost of tunnels would be too expensive. The solution given would make rail transport work much better
 than the alternative of having the railway lines raised. That option would be much more expensive. ) 

Business HUBS to Start being built after above electrification work is completed.

Build Access from CBD to Foreshore for people on foot etc.

Promote NEWCASTLE the CITY for the FUTURE in SERVICE for ALL.

Have a Heavy Rail Transport system to Newcastle
                    that is built on SERVICE to the people.

        A service that will attract people to use it.

        You will have the  INFRASTRUCTURE for

        This will be the ULTIMATE  SOLUTION for ALL.   This will include everyone in Newcastle and visitors to the area.
        This is a LONG TERM SOLUTION.   Not a QUICK SOLUTION that will FAIL in 10 years.

    Note:  Newcastle does not need to be a city that is JAMMED by Transport conditions.  This is where it is going under the present state government plan.  Neither side understand the issue fully. 
    STOP  LOOK &  LISTEN   Before you place this state into a situation that will cost a fortune in the near future because you did not do it!

    Remember:  Interchanges do not always work.  Many are WHITE ELEPHANTS.  
                          You have only one chance to get it right.


 updated  10th Dec 2015



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 These are photos taken the saturday before Christmas 2014.  The line was CLOSED on Boxing Day 2014. 


          How can we loose   this!


  Closed to TRAFFIC
the following week