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Preactive In-Action 

SUBJECT:  Communications in the Home
We MUST PREACT now to get the best.  You see what is needed and you act NOW to get it. 

Today communications in the home has changed a lot and in the future there is more to come.

It is not as simple as it used to be.

This page will show what is needed for the NEW WORLD of COMMUNICATIONS in the HOME of TODAY and the FUTURE.

We will show you the issue's with the home of the future.

Problems with power and if you loose it.  You loose communications. Mobiles are not a replacement at these times.

Issue's with WiFi.  (  It affects on Health needs to be looked at ) 
 { WiFi and mobiles do affect us.  They do upset pacemakers.  We do not know what other affects they do to us ! }
  [ Use of mobiles up to the ear all day long is a very serious Health issue!  ]
  We do not know the affect these devices do have on you but there is indications of serious issues so we need to be very careful.