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Storm issues. 

Sydney water & Council to take action.

Contacted Council


Meeting Residents with  SSC and Sydney Water


 No Communication

Sydney Water Customer Survey

{ Major Works being done}

Works on gutter etc started

Work Continues

Boomi Place

Major Works YANCO CLOSE. 
Early June 2016

Mid june 2016

End of June

End of July 2016

Aug 17th 2016
SSC Eton St

Aug 24th 2016

 Sept 21st 2016

Oct 19th 2016

Nov ( Mid ) 2016

Jan 2017

December 2017
Sewer overflow etc.

Both areas could not determine cause. They are to investigate and come back.

No indication yet from Sydney Water.
Indication it would be 2 weeks

No contact yet from council. 

Residents were able to raise concerns about the problems.  Main issue last two Heavy storms April 2015 and June 2016.  

Sydney Water doing work on their plant inspecting pipes west of the river.
SSC doing work on stormwater issues.

Will report back in about 6-8 weeks. 

Very Heavy Rain this evening.   Will need to wait and see the result. 

Lucky NO Issue from the Heavy RAIN. 

 from Sydney Water or Sutherland Council. 
 Some issues need to be followed up. 
 Any New issue please let us know!  It may be Water, Electricity, Sewer or Stormwater etc

Survey on drainage issues from sewer on own property.  It appears NOT to address the issue outside of property.  We need to Highlight that their is more than the infrastructure in each property. 
Everyone affected in any way need to return the survey. 
Survey being done by a company for Sydney Water.

 The works have started with TREES being removed from footpath. ( Wrong trees put in over 50 years ago )
They will be replaced with trees that do not interfere with pipes etc.

Work on the gutters has started. 

The Major works continue.

On occasions smell has return and water entering river at low tide again. Noticed a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Work continue.  Appear MAJOR ISSUE with connection from street to River.  Prices Circuit has not been resurfaced. It is lower than gutters and now floods.  Large Metal fence protect LARGE holes etc in frfont yards of two house's.