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 Information from Sydney Water. 
    Waiting on further information.


Sutherland Shire Council

In Works underway around Yanco Close since November. 


        With information I now have on H2S and RADS I am doing further work on it and checking how it has affected me. 
                 I will give the  FULL STORY what we have not been told so that we can get a solution to the problems we have. 
                 It is NOT a SIMPLE SOLUTION.  It will take time. 
                 There is many questions to be answered from many areas including Sydney Water,  Council  and Health. 

     I have found the issue called RADS. This I am following up at the present time.

   I have been looking at RADS on FACEBOOK. 

        I have found more problems with RADS.  It covers a lot of problems and issues.  I am just not thinking of myself but on many other people who may be affected NOW! or in the FUTURE.  It is a SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUE.  There is also a growing infrastructure issue if NO ACTION is TAKEN. 

        I will be looking for input from one's who understand the main issues that I am looking at.
        (1) The issue is where it appears you breath in the gas and it affects your throat.
        (2) Can your throat have a problem which make it easy affected by the gas.   ( RADS ! )
        (3) This issue with the throat affects your lungs.
        (4) The lungs being affected then in turn affect your HEART and its beating.
        (5)  Other Issues of Health, Infrastructure caused by the Stormwater and Sewer issue.

    I have action being done at present which I should have results in a few weeks. 

      I have good prospects of identifying the issues. 

        You can send emails on subject to media@preact.info   Please put Subject line RADS  or H2S

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Updated 8th January 2017

Woronora River Looking North