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             H2S issues

Latest Information on H2S  ( Woronora River )  dated 31st October 2016

   I have found the missing link in HEALTH issues with H2S. 

   It is under the name of RADS.  Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syddrome.

    I have to thank the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health web site for the introduction information and
      various other sites for information.
    Follow the link below for some of this information.
           R A D S

    There is more to this issue which we need to follow up on. 
    Only a full analysis will show all the issues that need to be attended to.  Quick analysis by groups will not give long term solution.

    At present we do not know if it is only H2S issue or other issues included. 
    Pollution by sewer is this H2S or something extra.
    The River is known for its BLACK ROCK.( WORONORA )  Does it give issues!
    This all has to be addressed. 

  Comments from NSW ENVIRONMENTAL Department is not helpful.  " If it worrys you you should just shift home! "

I was in discussion  with a person  recently.
(  They did rowing on the river and with this sport you are on the river just before and after Dawn. ) .

I asked the question.  Doing what you do you would be on the river before or at dawn.
Next question?  Did you ever notice any bad or hard to take smell.

Then followed these replies!
I asked at Dawn did you ever notice a mist over the river.
At times on the river at this time of the morning their would be what you would call a mist above
the water level to a level above may be a metre or more.
If you were under this top level the air was very BAD. 
If you put yourself above the top it was clear air.
It was noted in a number of spots between the two bridges.
If they were going into areas they could see affected
they would take a deep breath and waited to the other side. 

It was not tested but H2S is a strong contender for the gas.

  There also was a statement that rowing near the old oyster area was NOT AN AREA to ROW when very low tides happen. 

   It show that we had an environmental issue with the river and the black acid soils.

   Our ENVIRONMENTAL areas need to LEARN that this is an issue that they have NOT ADDRESSED. 

   What I mean is they DO NOT UNDERSTAND how this GAS can affect people.
            ( e.g.  the Distance it can travel and height it can rise to. ) 


With a wind in the right direction it would flow off the river
 on to peoples properties and into houses if windows are open.
At this time of the morning residents can be asleep and breath in the
H2S laden air.  

No one in Australia has accepted that this can happen.

Here is proof.

This has happen overseas where I read from a USA government web site of problems near
 New York in the swamp area where the gas travelled a distance over land.

This whole situation needs to be understood.

Previous Information:

It appears now, there is more than just H2S pollution.   With SEWER overflow what other HEALTH problems can we have!

I will show the problems today with;

H2S polution.  

But have we also got Ross River VIRUS ISSUE!
    The way work was done and the present situation does leave the H2S problem in Woronora very suspect
to VIRUS ATTACK by the Ross River virus!   It is not the only one.
It has been reported on the web that the Georges River is very suspect to Ross River Virus attack.  In reading the information on it, it makes this
 area very suspect also. We have the conditions for it.  This I am following up on.

    It also appears there is more to it. 

    I will need to put all the facts together and see what I can come up with.  Already I know there is issues which
were not not addressed at the time. 

This is an issue which I have been involved with for over eight years.

I have had Health issue's which can not be explained by medical staff.  

It appears after a lot of searching I may have the solution to the whole problem. But it will need a lot more detailed research
to be done. 

I need to do a lot more checking before I  release the full details.

At present I can tell you that H2S is produced from acid Sulphate soils when they come into contact with the air and water.   It is a very powerful gas which can be FATAL.

( Below link to AID-SULPHATE Issue  Prices Circuit.  Just double click ) 


There is a lot of issues which need to be looked at.

The April heavy rain has shown the H2S issues are still around.  Major Health issues which just cannot be let go now appear to be very strongly connected with H2S pollution.  In NSW H2S  Health issues are not shown by Health areas. We are shown H2S issues affecting buildings and farmland but not Health.  NSW Health refer you to environmental department of local council. 
  Information on H2S gas show that it is heavieer than air and only found in drains and pits etc.  But experience is that this is NOT TRUE.  This plus the fact that it affects breathing is the area I will now follow. 

Since APRIL work has been done in Boomi Place and Price's circuit.

Pipes which were NOT LINED have been lined.
Ends of lined pipes have now been resealed.  This happen where leakage from subsoil areas was happening. 
This only finished a few weeks ago.

Only time will tell if the overall problem is solved. A few other issues need to be looked at very carefully.  I will not raise them here at present but they have been raised with Council. 

There is still a major issue where the pipe enters the river.  A pipe put in to drain the sub ground appears to have washed away soil from behind the wall.  This is an issue which will need follow up.   It was stated that when the work was to be done that the wall support had to be made so that it was supported.  This appears to not have been done.  The polution is TOO BAD to venture down to have a close look. The polution on the river base at low tide is very bad.  This I have seen and council say
it is normal.  This I will follow up on.  


        This has introduced more HEALTH problems for RESIDENTS.  

        This is an URGENT ISSUE that needs to be resolved ASAP.

    I will supply up to date photos very soon.

    For the last eight years I have been following up HEALTH problems but  it was dismissed by many because then they could not understand why I was only affected.
    This I now understand WHY!
    Now it has strong chance of affecting a lot more after the last two MAJOR STORMS.  
       ( More to follow )
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Updated  31st October 2016